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Vampire Breast Lift (TM) & Vampire Nipple Lift (TM) Explained


The Vampire Breast Lift (TM) and the Vampire Nipple Lift (TM) procedures use the same principle of activating unipotent stem cells as is used in the Vampire Facelift (R).

All 3 procedures are specific ways of using blood-derived growth factors to activate unipotent stem cells.

Listen to an interview about the Vampire Breast Lift (TM) and read this article.

These names are indicative of specific methods protected under the laws of the US Patent & Trademark Office. Use of growth factors of any type does not give license to use the word "vampire" in association with use of growth factors in the face or in the breast.

If you are a physician interested in providing this procedure to your patients, please send an e-mail to Charles Runels, MD.



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